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About Me

My path into photography has been unconventional. I started off learning Photoshop for during my freshman year of architecture school and I was amazed by it. I then started working in a photography gallery where I worked my way from the front desk into the imaging department and learned even more about photography and editing. In my final year of college, at another internship I was tasked to fly the company drone at my workplace to document our construction projects. I was hooked. Shortly after this introduction I purchased my own drone and have been improving my skills since. The drone was a new tool that I was able to combine with my interest in photography and video editing into a creative outlet. Doing projects on my own was great but coming from architectural background, I saw how useful it could be in my field. It ultimately lead me to get my commercial license and start taking on projects for clients.


Collaborating with others has been a very rewarding experience; it has brought me to many creative ideas I would have otherwise not achieved. Feel free to reach out for my pricing and package options. I am also open to a custom scope as one size rarely fits all...


I am fully certified and have a commercial license (P107 FAA Licensed). I currently fly with DJI.

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